Metus makes it to Eurovision Finals

Although the live production itself will be done by Eurovision itself, one of the requirements from the customer was to have a tapeless automation and archive system. After thorough evaluation by the customer, they decided on a combination METUS ingest and MAM, and playout and CG units from PLAYBOX Technology.

The system is built around a massive archive system from fully redundant METUS MAM . There is 120+120 TB or mirrored application and storage servers. For all files ingested to the archive, two copies are automatically created and one placed at each server, and the clients, if they cannot find the main server, can use with no change of configuration, the second copy from the second server. The database servers are also mirrored redundant, which creates a media asset management system with no single point of failure. The archive format is chosen to be 50Mbit XDCAM HD , though the system can also accept any type of file, SD or HD. There are 2 ingest servers, ingesting live and VTR tapes, that will also be remotely monitored and controlled over with the Ingest control center. There are 20 clients, most of which will be NLE users operating Adobe or Edius softwares. Edius operators in particular, will be benefiting from the Edius MAM plugin, with which, they can browse the archive directly from inside their editing application.

Mr. Rashad Namazov, the client’s consultant for this project, comments this is the most versatile archive system, and i’m glad to have decided for it

The system is complemented with 2 mirrored PLAYBOX Airbox playout servers, and 1 Titlebox character generator The system was designed, quoted and sold, together will all storage and hardware through PLAYBOX Technology Turkey branch, a well established partner of METUS