Metus MAM at the Heart of the Most Rated TV Shows in Turkey!

Presenting a faster and more efficient solution for the production of all three TV shows, Metus is also easing the workflow throughout the post-production and multiformat editing process.

Consider a mountain of redundant video content piled up after each and every show, and imagine how hard and heavy it could be to sort and even search of all video content for 3 most watched TV shows. Acun Media has found the solution with Metus, and now it is much easier and faster tostore, access, find and edit those valuable video assets. Metus MAM can read the time-code in the video files, which makes them available for use in Multicam Editing.

These shows are recorded by up to 60 XDCAM and GoPro headcams. Every scene and action has multiple versions shot from different angles by different cameras. After the shooting, all materials are ingested into the MAM. Metus MAM offers automatic metadata, thumbnail, and storyboard creation features, coupled with proxy playback. 

Archive system deployed by Metus MAM perfectly supports Grass Valley Edius video editing software since all the production of Acun Media is done via Grass Valley architecture. Metus MAM Edius plugin is used for accessing video assets on the MAM and for importing into Edius projects, directly from the Edius environment. Edius users can search assets by metadata or time-code and engage in multicam editing. Moreover, editing can start as soon as ingest starts.

There is no need for transcoding, as both Metus MAM and Edius can work intrinsically with the camera formats. Furthermore, Metus MAM integration with Edius workstations ensures such fast performance via 10Gbit network with a very swift Supermicro 10Gbit NAS as shared storage. While the system is capable of proxy based editing, with SSD caching feature of the storage, Metus MAM enables even editing of high-resolution videos over 10-Gbit backbone, thanks to its open-standard architecture. In other words, system performance can be improved with off the shelf server storage and network hardware Finished shows can be archived, transcoded and exported using the desktop client software of Metus MAM. Moreover, Metus web client allows browsing and searching of the materials from intranet or internet. Standing out as rock-solid and flexible, the IT infrastructure of the system is based on open-standards, thus enabling easy administration and cost effective upgrades, as well as speeding up the production workflow of Acun Media.

Metus MAM has been delivered to Acun Media with compliments to GTM Technology, Supermicro distributor for Turkey and a Metus dealer.
Other Technical Features of Metus System implemented at Acun Media:

-  Velocity HD Mounting System over 2x Supermicro workstations
-  10 sets of Edius NLEs on Supermicro workstations - Sony XDCam recording and reader
-  Metus MAM /10x Metus Client License with Edius extention / 40x Metus Web Server Client
-  A custom built 10-Gbit 72+72TB redundant NAS storage system based on Supermicro hardware with built in SSD cache
-  Central management with special air-conditioned Central System Room