Sudan TV selects Metus!

The Sudan TV, the countrys state television, is undertaking the mammoth task of converting its analog and historic assets for long-term secure storage.

The television station has more than 50 years of analog tape and celluloid film in its archive. The process of scanning film and digitizing tape. The files are transferred to online disc storage and LTO-based Qualstar RLS8500 tape library.

Files are managed by Metus MAM which works in tandem with Sudan TVs multi-tier hybrid storage structure. MAM actively manages the location of each asset: files stored on nearline arrays are moved offline to tape according to ILM and usage rules. MAM automatically creates proxies from new files which are available immediately. Users can view these proxy clips, whether the full versions are held online or offline. Full resolution versions of any asset can be retrieved quickly for broadcast or use in new projects.

Sudan TV is home to numerous TV channels with each channel holding up-to 85,000 hours of footage. These assets are now being digitized and archived within a specific hierarchy. The project involves the preservation and restoration of ageing media and the securing of programs for future; it is part of a larger process of helping the television station make the transition to a fully digital operation.